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Window sills

      It might seem that no one pays much attention to the interior trim elements such as window sills. Nothing could be more wrong. All, even the tiniest details, composed into a coherent whole can greatly affect the appearance of your home. Natural stones are an ideal tilling material to be fitted onto your window sill (external or internal). Thanks to their wide range of colours, structures, unique designs, will not only affect on your home interior, but also be a functional piece of the equipment.

      Unlike to the PVC, marble, granite and quartz window sills will not get any discoloration from the sunlight and will retain their original form (will not get deformed). We make both, the external and internal window sills. For the internal stone window sills, we offer a wide range of materials like marbles, granite, conglomerates, quartzes and limestone. To make the external window sills, due to the weather conditions in Poland, we would like to offer mainly granite.