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      Stairs connect different floors, are also an important element used (except i.e. lifts) in building communication. These external – are the pride of our home or office. The internal stairs are often an integral part of the living room, properly displayed will also be the reason of our pride and envy of our guests. It should take an effort to properly connect them with its surroundings and be an integral part of our interior to emphasize the individual character of the interior design.

      Natural stone is an ideal material to use for stairs. We would like to offer the internal and external stairs with a wide range of materials, starting from marbles, granite, conglomerates and limestone. Marble or granite stairs are virtually indestructible – it is a great investment for a beautiful, timeless look for many years.

      For the external stairs, due to the weather conditions in Poland, we would like to offer granite with its flamed and grained texture – non-skid, which will keep save movement during winter. The wide colour range of stone will help you select the right material right to your expectations.